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Black Friday Gifts Your Otaku Friends Will be Grateful For

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Black Friday Gifts Your Otaku Friends Will be Grateful For

Black Friday is here, and it would be a shame if you took advantage of all those amazing black Friday anime deals all by yourself. Take a look at some of the greatest products for Just Otaku Things’ black Friday anime sale to see the kind of anime gear you and your friends can rock together, this holiday season!

Hoodies from the Greatest Animes

Bleach Hollow Mask Hoodie

Bleach is an anime that reached spectacular levels of popularity all around the world. When you’re attending any black Friday hoodie sale, you’re bound to find some bleach merchandise.

This hollow mask hoodie perfectly epitomizes everything about the series with it’s simple and straightforward design. It communicates just enough to make someone who’s seeing it for the first time curious, even if they know nothing about anime whatsoever.

Death Note Ryuk Hoodie

The next hoodie that you should be on the hunt for during a black Friday anime sale is this Death Note hoodie. Death Note is another show that reached the stratosphere of popularity. Similar to Bleach, Death Note is also a show that is centered around death, although in a much different way. 

This Ryuk hoodie would be one of the greatest black Friday anime deals you could get, because of its intricate design and beautiful bright colors -- that are rare in the Death Note universe.

Madara Sage of Six Paths Hoodie

Madara Uchiha is one of the biggest badasses of the Naruto universe. He became so powerful that the creator of the show himself didn’t know how to defeat him, and that’s why we had such an uneventful demise at the very end.

This hoodie is one of the best black Friday anime deals you can take advantage of if you have friends who are Naruto fans. Having such a high-quality image of the most legendary badass who accomplished more than any other shinobi ever is truly a treat that any friend who’s a Naruto fan would enjoy.

Tank Top Hoodies from the Greatest Animes

Soul Society Tank Top Hoodie 

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be a part of the soul society. It’s a cool secret organization, and to join it you need to be an especially skilled or elite person of some kind. If you got an invite tomorrow to any kind of similar society, you would most definitely join.

That’s why this soul society tank top hoodie is so desirable. It has a simple logo on it that doesn’t seem very attention-grabbing because it’s rather ordinary. It’s the kind of design that would only be recognized by fans of the show, which is what you want. That’s the reason this is a hoodie you should snag for a friend at a black Friday hoodie sale.

L Sitting Hooded Tank

L was one of the greatest characters in Death Note. Throughout the entire series, viewers want to see him pull through and figure out that it’s, in fact, Light who’s behind the “Death Note” phenomena. That’s why any hoodie of him is a must-grab at a black Friday anime sale.

This specific tank hoodie of L is designed to show his quirkiness, and why he was such a likable character. It shows him sitting in front of his sweet teacups, pondering on the mystery that eluded him at the end of his life. This hoodie makes a great Memoriam for one of the greatest characters in anime history, and so you should definitely get it for a friend at a black Friday hoodie sale.

Itachi Hooded Tank

Itachi is without a doubt the coolest character from all of Naruto. His accomplishments go beyond those of even Madara, especially when he overcomes the reanimation of Jutsu. That’s why an Itachi hooded tank is a must grab a gift for a friend at a black Friday anime sale.

Get the hoodie to remind your friend why the Uchiha clan was truly the greatest of the hidden leaf village, and how it was Itachi’s sacrifice that set the events of the entire Naruto series into motion.

Zip Up Hoodies from the Greatest Animes

Hollow Ichigo Zip Up

The Hollow Ichigo zip-up hoodie is a hoodie that you should really search for in as many black Friday anime deals as it takes because it would make such a good gift for a friend. Its excellent design is attention-grabbing, but not in a brazen manner. It’s made to perfectly convey the tone of the show, and the mysterious character it represents.

As far as black Friday anime deals go, this is a must snag gift to get for your fellow otaku friends.

Light & Shinigami Zip Up

One of the reasons Death Note was such a successful and popular anime was definitely because of the art style. The show was absolutely stunning and beautiful to the point where the viewer would be captivated. One of the main reasons for this was because of the designs of the shinigami.

With this Death Note zip up, your friend can show off those amazingly detailed and beautifully dark designs with the world by simply walking around in them. If you don’t take advantage of this black Friday anime sale, you’d truly be missing out.

Naruto Akatsuki Zip Up Hoodie

The Akatsuki arc in Naruto Shippuden definitely is the greatest arc from the entire series. It featured the end of the journeys of some of our favorite characters, but it also started a completely new arc for the ones that were left behind. 

It was an arc that was truly impactful enough to feature its own design in merch -- and it has all over the world! The Akatsuki zip-up hoodie is the perfect subtle and stealthy statement to let the world know that you’re a fan of Naruto, without really letting them know. It’s the kind of gift that would be appreciated by a friend, so don’t pass it up when you see it pop up in different black Friday anime deals.

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