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Does The Peak Of Beerus Power Level Make Him The God Of Destruction

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Does The Peak Of Beerus Power Level Make Him The God Of Destruction

Does The Peak Of Beerus Power Level Make Him The God Of Destruction

For most manga/anime fans of the Dragon Ball Z series, knowing whether the peak of Beerus Power Level make him the ultimate God of destruction or not? There is no doubt that Beerus Power Level has no comparison and his powers can easily be summed up as being capable of destroying the universe.

The character made its first appearance in the series in 2013 as the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z - Battle Of Gods and since then has appeared in supporting roles in many more. According to a list made in 2015, Beerus ranks as No.8 in a list of top 10 villains of the Dragon Ball Z universe.

So it’s fair to say that that Beerus Power Level has not gone unnoticed. In fact in Battle Of Gods, there is a scene that perfectly depicts how strong Beerus power level is.

In a possibility of a battle between Beerus vs Goku and Vegeta, it can easily be said that the antagonist will easily come out on top. In fact, there is a scene in the battle of Gods when Beerus clearly tells Goku that as strong as he was in his Super Saiyan God form, he was nowhere near to being equal to the peak of Beerus power level.

How is that for pure power? Makes you wonder, how could this alien-like creature be killed? How is it possible to put an end to all his power and cause Beerus death, if possible at all?

Another example of peak Beerus power level was the fight between him and Goku in his highest peak Super Saiyan God form. The clash between their first is known to have sent ripples through Universe 7 and it is said that if the fight had continued, it would have destroyed the universe.

However, this fight did not show the peak Beerus Power Level because it has also been revealed that Beerus was clearly holding back a considerable amount of his power. Makes you wonder, how strong Beerus really is?

It is also known that the strongest technique that Beerus can use is known as the Hakai. However, this technique is not unique to Beerus Power Level because all Gods Of Destruction can utilize the ability.

However, like all other Gods of Destruction, Beerus’s life was linked to East Kaio-Shin. What this means is that this was Beerus’s weakness and when East Kaio Shin was killed in an alternate timeline, Beerus death was caused and this version that existed passed away in his sleep.

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