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Gifts Every Otaku Wants for the Holiday Season

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Gifts Every Otaku Wants for the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, there are always so many Black Friday anime deals to take advantage of. If you’ve been an otaku for a while, you must be familiar with the feeling of joy that comes around this time of year, every year. 

Well, it’s time for you to spread that feeling of joy that comes around the holiday season every year with some of your fellow otaku friends. Take a look at some gifts that every otaku wants for the holiday season, and see if you can find anything your friends would like.

Powerful Code Geass Hoodie Combo: C.C & Geass Symbol Hoodie

What better way to start a list of gifts for the holiday season than gifts revolving around a classic anime, in a classic medium of anime merchandise -- hoodies. Code Geass is hands down, one of the most popular and renowned anime series to have ever existed, and these two designs would make great black Friday anime deals.

If you can find the C.C hoodie during a black Friday anime sale, you’re effectively giving your friends a hoodie of one of the most popular female anime characters ever. C.C is one of the most powerful characters in the Geass universe, although she’s sometimes overlooked. She’s not called the “Gray Witch” for nothing.

Alongside with the C.C hoodie, another perfect gift to snag at a black Friday hoodie sale would be the Geass Symbol hoodie itself. Both these things found together would be legendary black Friday anime deals, and should make any otaku fan who’s a fan of the show ecstatic. The thoughtfulness alone that went into the selection can be something to be impressed by if the designs and the quality of the merchandise don’t blow them away already.

Hoodie Combo for Perfecting Ninjutsu: Naruto & Shinobi Hoodie


Well, after having spoken about Code Geass as one of the greatest and most world-renowned animes, there’s no way Naruto can be left out of the discussion. During ANY black Friday anime sale, you are bound to find some Naruto merchandise. If you can make a tasteful selection, it can make for some great gifts.

Take the Shinobi hoodie listed here for example. At a glance, to most people who aren’t familiar with the world of Anime, this hoodie would seem like just a normal military-inspired article of clothing. Therefore, your otaku friends can wear them without being so loud about their interests.

On the other hand, Naruto’s iconic orange and black hoodie is recognizable to almost anyone as having something to do with anime. You can find Naruto’s hoodie in the exact design in any black Friday hoodie sale since it’s an anime loved all around the world by so many people.

Casual Jiren Zip Up Hoodie


When speaking about things that every otaku would want for the holiday season, this Jiren hoodie definitely makes the list -- although it may be one of the rarer black Friday anime deals. With this hoodie your friend can walk around casually, dressed as one of the most ultimate badasses in the universe without really giving it away to anyone since the design isn’t so loud or glaring. It makes for the perfect holiday season gift simply on its own.

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