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How To Identify an Otaku

Posted by Angel Rondon on

How To Identify an Otaku

How To Identify an Otaku

We are social creatures. Sharing and exchanging opinions with each other keeps us going. We share and communicate on all kinds of topics whether it’s a song or the latest episode of a television series. The common factors - likes and dislikes are what drives our communication with each other. If we had nothing in common, our opinions would be based on some news and information that we have consumed in the past several hours. However, the point is that most of our communication is driven by the opinions we have about certain things.

Similarly for the otaku people, finding other otaku people is kind of a jubilating thing. Why? Because finding someone that has similar interests is what drives us, what gets us going, what gets us excited because we have something in common and especially with those who are living the otaku life just like us.

However,  finding other otaku people is kind of tough because it’s such a niche that you hardly ever see other people living the otaku life very openly. Not that it’s a bad thing or people that have interest in otaku are targeted. It’s just a rare breed that Otaku people are really hard to find.

But no matter where you are in the world, otaku people have some similar habits that you can identify. These habits or signs will not be noticeable to common people or what we would call them non-otaku people. But for Otaku people, these signs are hardly missable.

Alright so let’s go over the habits and signs of how you can spot an otaku.

#1 - Slang/Lingo Usage

One of the most common ways you can identify otaku people is by the language they use. Or as the digital world enthusiasts would say slang. Now it’s not like they speak a whole new language of their own but there are certain focus-words/keywords that only otaku people will know and use them are part of their regular day communication.

#2 - Anime/Manga Merchandise

Adorning your favorite characters, television series is considered the ultimate form of fan-hood. The merchandise could be a keychain, a notebook, a  pullover hoodie or anything that you can think of. Similarly, an otaku will have some sort of merchandise that they own that would identify them as one of the otaku people.


#3 - They Respond To Otaku Keywords

If I were to say the name Rober Downey Jr, an easy connection to make will be Iron Man. Because the two go hand in hand and have been this way for a long time. Similarly, other otaku people will always respond to certain words that are responsive.

#4 - They Talk About Anime/Manga like It’s Normal

There is a huge fan base for anime and manga. However, considering the overall population of the world, this lot is only a fraction of it. It’s a rare breed to see otaku people running around. However, an easy way to identify a person living the otaku life would be that they will talk about anime or manga and consider it normal.

#5 - They Would Talk About Seiyuu (Voice Actors)

Another way to confirm a person is living the otaku life is that they will start talking about a seiyuu like its something you hear every day.  An otaku person will be the only one who knows this because seiyuu’s are voice actors that bring the various characters that we have grown to love to life.



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