How You Can Have an Otaku Bedroom

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How You Can Have an Otaku Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom can be a challenge, and looking up guides online can only help you so much. Everyone’s room has its own amount of space and layout that’s different from anyone else’s. One thing is for certain though, and that’s the fact that every bedroom has a bed!

That’s why in this guide, you will learn how to make an otaku room by decorating your bed with the right Otaku accessories! Let’s get started!

Naruto Bed Set

Since the centerpiece of every bedroom is the bed, when you’re starting off learning how to make an otaku room, your best bet is going with the Naruto bed set. You may be wondering why, and the reason is simple. The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and so it should be decorated with (arguably) the centerpiece of anime.


You can get designs of Naruto himself, or the supporting characters. If Naruto is at the top of your favorite anime, you can mix and match the different designs all at once so your bed can have the entire supporting cast as well! Naruto bedding is best for those who want an otaku room decor!

Dragon Ball Z Bed Set

We began with talking about centerpieces of anime, and Dragon Ball Z is another great contender for that. Naruto became the first thing that popped up into a random person’s mind when you mentioned anime, only after having dethroned Dragon Ball Z.

The Dragon ball z bedding set designs by Just Otaku Things feature all the most exciting transformations from the show, as well as the most exciting supporting characters and villains. That way you can match different bed sets to get all of Goku’s transformations or match him with the villains he fought that got you hyped.

One Piece Bed Set

This is a guide that’s supposed to teach you how to make an otaku room decor
, but it just keeps on getting carried away with the supposed “kings of Anime” and we can’t continue down that path without mentioning One Piece, the longest running anime ever.

 Getting the one piece anime bedding set really sets you up as an OG otaku, and that’s a fact. There are many designs available for supporting characters from the show, or the most lovable ones like Luffy or Usopp. Those are the kinds that you’d want to match together, or go the opposite route and match the enjoyable side characters.

Fullmetal Alchemist Bed Set

Though Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t quite exactly on the “legendary anime” level as the aforementioned shows, it definitely gives them a run for their money. In fact, it may be the only reason why Fullmetal Alchemist is a contender for the culture shifting anime shows might be because the creators didn’t want to milk it dry, like with Dragon Ball Z for example.

When wanting to know how to make an otaku room decor, getting a Fullmetal alchemist bed sheets Set is a great method to do it subtly. Some of the Alphonse designs available at Just Otaku Things are really hard to distinguish as anime to the untrained eye, so it’s a subtle way of satisfying your passions whilst also conforming to the expectations of others.

Death Note Bed Set

Let’s continue on our journey to learn how to make an otaku room decor whilst talking about the runner-up culture shifting anime. After all, you’d want your otaku room to be filled with the shows that seemed to matter most within the anime subculture right? And Dead Note certainly mattered.

Death Note is totally different from the shows mentioned above. Honestly speaking, it’s legendary in its own right. It’s just as great as Naruto, One Piece, or DBZ and FMA, if not better. It’s just uncomparable because it’s such a different kind of show, and its impact managed to shake the anime world easily and was even felt beyond.

One thing is for certain, the shinigami look amazing and having a design of one as large as your death note bedding is definitely pleasing to the eye, albeit a bit creepy.


My Hero Academia

Here is an anime that is relatively new, especially when compared to the old titans like One Piece or Naruto. My Hero Academia is a shonen anime that really managed to break the regular shonen anime routine. That shot it to popularity because it was then that other phones were getting stale, like Bleach for example.

 That’s why if you want to know how to make an otaku room decor, starting with My Hero Academia bedding is a great idea. The show is relatively new where you don’t have to put a lot of effort into catching up, and since it’s just getting started, you can say that you were a My Hero Academia OG.

Attack on Titan Bed Sets

Let’s continue with some of the newer anime on the scene. Attack on Titan is also a newer anime, it came out only 3 years before My Hero Academia. It’s a spectacular show that captured the attention of everyone and even brought a whole new audience into the world of anime.

There are a lot of different cool looking designs to choose from of your favorite characters from the show. You could get a design that shows the heat of battle, or the silent peace that comes right after its end. When you want to make an otaku room decor, Attack on Titan won’t let you down.

Code Geass Bed Sets

Code Geass is an anime that will really make you think. If you’re an otaku who wants to know how to make an anime room decor, then using this anime’s Code Geass bed sheets would display you as more of an “advanced otaku”. And this one of the best otaku room ideas.

 The reason for this is because the themes in this show are a bit more mature than your typical anime. It’s more of a dramatic and political kind of show, and though it’s also very popular, it’s not as well known as any of the aforementioned shows. That’s what makes it more of an “advanced otaku” kind of show.

Hunter X Hunter Bed Sets

Hunter X Hunter is an anime with an interesting. Though it first aired in 1999, the series was dropped. It made a comeback in 2011 and has been going strong ever since then. Because of this, one could say that the show was ahead of its time. That’s why this hunter x hunter anime bedding set designs for this show are worth having if you want to know how to have an otaku room decor.

Tokyo Ghoul Bed Sets

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark show. To add this to your Otaku room wouldn’t be much of a stretch at all, because it fantastically explores all the themes that any anime needs to have if it wants to be a great one.


The designs of Tokyo Ghoul bedding available by Just Otaky Things for this show are absolutely amazing, but that’s only because of the inherently cool design of Kaneki Ken. Any person, whether they’re a fan of anime or not, will recognize this bed set as high quality and super cool. This otaku room ideas is best!

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