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Otaku Gift Guide: What Weebs Want for Winter Clothing

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Otaku Gift Guide: What Weebs Want for Winter Clothing

Winter is here, and weebs are freezing! Thankfully, it’s also the holiday season. You have your black Fridays and thanksgivings -- all to make sure you have happy holidays filled with presents and delights. Best of all though, you have cyber Monday! That way, in case you forgot to keep warm and make the most of the past holidays, you can make up for it through a cyber Monday hoodie sale!

Stay Warm With the Power of Alchemy: Fullmetal Alchemist Hoodies

One of the greatest animes that has ever existed is Fullmetal Alchemist. It warmed the hearts of millions of viewers around the world and continues to do so many years after the series’ conclusion. That is why it’s worth getting some hoodies from this series that can keep you warm during the winter.

Edward & Roy Mustang Hoodie

A perfect example of this would be the “Edward and Roy Mustang Hoodie.” It’s only fitting to have the flame alchemist be the one to keep you warm in the winter, especially if the design of the hoodie also features Edward Elric, because of their tense but budding relationship that warms the heart of viewers by the end of the show.

Sad Edward Zip Up & Angry Alphonse Tank

Another couple of hoodies that would be great to snag at a cyber Monday hoodie sale would be the “Sad Edward Zip-Up Hoodie”, as well as the “Angry Alphonse Tank Hoodie”. The reason for this is because both these hoodies perfectly exemplify the main characters of this show, and how they respond to tension and conflict. Ed might get sad that he isn’t able to help himself and his younger brother, whereas Al gets a roaring flame of anger ignited in his heart.

The Sad “Sad Edward Zip Hip Hoodie” is also a great design for a zip-up hoodie. It looks great when it’s zipped up or unzipped. Meshing it with a complimenting or contrasting shirt underneath could be a great idea, and the same applies to the “Angry Alphonse Tank Hoodie”.

Increase Your Power Level to Stay Warm: Dragon Ball Z Hoodies

Dragon Ball Z is another anime that qualifies to be one of the greatest ones to ever have existed. The influences of this series are felt even beyond the entire world of entertainment -- surely as a child, you’ve tried to see if you’re a super Saiyan right? We all have! This series is what introduced the world to the revolutionary idea of real villains, with goals, motivations, and plans.

Perfect Cell Sleeveless Hoodie


That’s why in order to quench your thirst to be a part of this amazingly impactful series and to keep yourself warm at the same time you should get a “Perfect Cell Sleeveless Hoodie” during a cyber Monday hoodie sale. The cell is the perfect reminder of a villain that evolves and grows from his introduction and actually rivals our characters in his justification to exist within the universe.

Evil Goku Hoodie & Jiren Zip Up

Other amazing designs to snag at a cyber Monday hoodie sale would be the “Evil Goku 3D Hoodie” and the “Red & Black Jiren Zip-Up Hoodie”. The “Evil Goku” design is truly a unique and authentic design that is quite rare to find. It’s hard for the fans of the show to even imagine an evil Goku, so this hoodie can be a quite desirable collectible. 

The Jiren Zip Up is also a design to get at a cyber Monday hoodie sale because it’s not the most in-your-face, loud and brash kind of design. Most people may not even recognize it as an anime hoodie, but it will get the job of making you look like one of the universe’s fiercest fighters done without a hitch.

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