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Otaku Style Guide: How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Otaku Style Guide: How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

The best part about winter is that you can always make yourself warmer, but do most otakus know how to layer for winter fashionably? It doesn’t matter how many black Friday hoodie sale you raid, as long as you’re not layering you’re not staying warm properly.

Here’s your chance to learn how to layer for winter fashionably, so that you can stay warm and look good embracing your otaku aesthetic.

Titan vs Yeager X Super Shenron Tee

Since I mentioned black Friday hoodie sale earlier, I thought they would be a good place to start. This Titan vs Yeager is a classic Attack On Titan image, and it goes matches quite nicely with the Super Shenron Tee as a mix-and-match option. 

Since it’s a zip-up hoodie, you’ll be able to show off or cover up your tee at your own leisure. The contrasting designs of the hoodie and t-shirt really play well with each other, but if you don’t want to look so “loud” you can always just zip it. This is key to knowing how to layer for winter fashionably.

The Super Shenron Tee, although it’s not really a winter clothing accessory is still very well designed and can be matched with a lot of other options. If in case you do want a winter option with the Super Shenron design, you will be happy to know that there’s a sweatshirt variant available also.

Naruto Shippuden Jacket X Naruto Sasuke White Tee

This is an amazing combo for otakus who want to know how to layer for winter fashionably because the design of both these pieces of clothing really matches well together –– whereas the previous suggestion worked with contrast, this one works in harmony.

The Naruto Shippuden jacket is classic Naruto merchandise, what more could any fan of the show want? There's a pullover hoodie version, or a regular zip-up jacket version like the one Naruto has. Obviously it’s ideal to have the same one as Naruto unless you’re only looking for black Friday hoodie sale.

The white tee that’s suggested with this jacket matches it perfect for many reasons. Not only do all the colors fall together perfectly, but the characters on the tee are the two central characters of Naruto’s story. When learning how to layer for winter fashionably, it’s important to know not only how colors and designs work together, but also how ideas match or clash.

Alphonse Dark Night Hoodie X B&W Luffy Tank Top

Finally, let's end on a more comfortable note with a tank top. You may be wondering why a tank top is good for trying to stay warm, and that’s okay. The reason for that is because though the tank top won't keep you warm by itself, when you tuck it in at the waist and wear a hoodie over it, you will feel sufficiently warm.

The black and white Luffy tank top are perfect for this because it’s just something you can throw on underneath the Alphonse hoodie, which should really be added to your collection of black Friday anime deals to exploit

With this combo, you can feel at ease displaying an intricately designed dark night on the outside, with a simple black and white tank top on the inside of a lazy stretchy boy –– it’s the perfect end-of-the-week outfit.

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