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Some Worst Anime Fillers Of All Time

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Some Worst Anime Fillers Of All Time

Some Worst Anime Fillers Of All Time

If you are in a conversation with any anime fan and ask them what annoys them the most. The answer would easily be that they are annoyed by the filler arcs and episodes. The basic creation of these filler episodes arose when the creators of the series had no new content to share as they wait for the manga material to release. So as they wait, the creators of these series, release fillers episodes that have nothing to do with the story or plot of the series in the first place.

Now I don’t mean that this filler content and episodes are all bad. Some of the content that we have seen is actually good. However, the filler content has earned itself a reputation because it does nothing to advance the plot or add anything valuable to the development of the characters of the series.

One particular series that is synonymous with filler content is Naruto. If we had to make a list then surely Naruto’s filler content could really go up at the top of top 10 worst anime filler of all time. Anothving the worst filler content is Bleach. Why do I say it? If we had to make a  list of top 10 anime fillers, the two would be of the worst kind because they go against their respective premise.er series that is pretty well known for ha

So let’s put together a list of top 10 anime fillers.

1 - The Yota Arc - Naruto

Having filler content is one thing. It’s entertainment and who would not like some entertainment. However, the worst kind of filler content that goes against the entire story of the series. So at the top of the list for top top 10 worst anime filler would be The Yota Arc from Naruto.

A five-year-old from a traveling clan of people that are able to manipulate weather. But the thing is that this little boy passed away due to poor health. But the creators brought him back to life to do some damage. But in the turn of thing, the kid ends up becoming friends with a five-year-old Naruto.

2 - The Capsule Monsters Arc - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Another important entry into the list oftop 10 worst anime filler will be The Capsule Monsters Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Which depicts the main characters arriving or crash landing to be exact on a desert island. The arc was a little dragged and felt like it was going on forever because of the terrible way it was paced.

3 - The Endless Eight - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This particular arc makes it to the list of top 10 worst anime filler because of it’s similarities to the movie Groundhog Day. Its main jist is that the characters are re-living the characters over and over again like they are stuck in a loop. This particular entry into the list of top 10 anime fillers needs a mention because it was dragged on for 8 episodes.

4 - The Garlic Jr. Saga - Dragon Ball Z

Getting its spot in the list of top 10 anime fillers is The Garlic Jr. Saga from Dragon Ball Z. It can easily be said that this was probably the most widely hated fillers because of it’s time. It was released after the Frieza Saga so the viewers could not care less as they were too worried about the main characters of the series.

5 - The Decolore Island Arc - Pokemon

Another entry into the list of top 10 anime fillers is  The Decolore Island Arc because it did not contribute anything to the series. Not to the series neither to the events of the game. And that is something considering how Pokemon is widely based on filler content because of it being a game based series.

6 - Season 3 - Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin was an awesome show. Well up until the second season. Making its way to the list of top 10 anime fillers is the entire 3rd and final season of the series. After the battle against Makoto, the season changed into a series filled with filler episodes of one after the another. No storyline was being formed and finally, the show was canceled.

7 - The First Three Episodes - Moyashimon Returns

Moyashimon Returns never really received the similar popularity as its predecessors did. But the first three episodes of the series were not helping the case either. They were dry and uninspiring, to say the least. And certainly, the viewers of the last season did not expect this considering they were really eager to see the show return.

8 - The Bount Arc - Bleach

Another entry into the list of top 10 anime fillers is The Bount Arc from Bleach. Surely this particular is another one of those most frustrating ones because the arc takes the attention away from an important plot going on and introduces a new villain in the shape of spirit vampires. Surely, the creators could have thought about something better and instead tried better even.

9 - The Goat Island Arc - One Piece

Another entry into the list of top 10 anime fillers will be from the early time of One Piece which is an 800 episode series. And surely reaching that number would not have been possible with so much filler content. But the Goat Island Arc is not really a great filler because it was dragged. It involved the strat hat crew hiding from the marines and helping the old man herd his goats. The content would have been okay if it was all summed up in one episode but it dragged for 3 episodes and that is what earned the spot in the list of top 10 anime fillers.

10 - Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc - Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail earns the final spot in the list of top 10 worst anime filler with the Eclipse Celestial Spirits episode. Let me clear one thing, the series is not really known for having good filler content but it could have been better. The story involves the Celestial Spirits who refuse to be summoned. It did not work because of two things. One that the timing of the filler was completely off because it came right after the Grand Magic Games and the other being that the filler does not really cover the problem but instead was only there as a distraction.



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