Summer Wear for Otakus in 2019

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Summer Wear for Otakus in 2019

Summer is here and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time to reminisce on the days when you were a kid and school was off, and the first thing you’d do every day was watching your favorite anime shows!

If you really want to get back to how it felt when you were a kid again, there are a bunch of other things you can do to like: riding your bike around the neighborhood or pretending to be a superhero. Better than all of that though, you can get some awesome otaku style clothing!

Seriously. What better way is there to celebrate the joyous years of your youth than rocking some amazing otaku clothing from Just Otaku Things? Don’t you remember being a kid and noticing how baller someone looked in an anime graphic tank top? This summer, you can BE that someone! When you’re an otaku who wants to wear some great summer wear, you can forget about having to know how to choose a swimsuit that flatters you. All you need is some sweet anime gear!

Attack on Titan Tank Tops

Let’s start the list strong with a collection of Attack on Titan tank tops. From your favorite heroes to your most feared villains, you can find spectacular designs for them all. The most epic moments from the show, like Eren Yaeger transforming into a full titan, or design of Yaeger going head to head with another titan! Who wouldn’t want that Attack on Titan tank top?


These are the kinds of things that make this show so exciting, and the moments you want to embrace when you’re looking for some summer wear that otakus will love! Forget about finding out how to choose a swimsuit that flatters you, this otaku clothing exactly what you need!

Tokyo Ghoul Tank Tops & Shorts

Let’s keep going with the different tank tops for now, because tank tops are the perfect summer wear. They offer flexibility, are the best tops that keep you from feeling too hot, and are great for mobility. All that stuff is important if you’re running around Tokyo looking for some civilians to feed on, which is why you would need a Tokyo Ghoul tank top, or Tokyo Ghoul shorts!


Just kidding, just kidding. Of course, you don’t want to do that, but I’m sure those are the kinds of things Kaneki would be concerned about in the blistering hot Tokyo summer. That’s why if you want to rep your boy Kaneki, you should do it in the most realistic way possible, otherwise, he might come to get you with his kagune!

Of course, the only things that can rival tank tops for the summer, are shorts. In fact, the only reasons they rival each other is because when you put them together they make the optimum summer outfit. They’re only rivaled because people often choose one or the other to look stylish, but when you have some Tokyo Ghoul themed tank tops and shorts, you can mix and match them however you like otaku style clothing.

One Piece Tank Tops & Shorts

This is an anime that matches perfectly with the theme of summer wear. After all, it’s about a bunch of pirates sailing around the world. When you’re on the high seas, there’s no protection from the sun or its heat. In the world of one piece, knowing how to choose a swimsuit that flatters you may actually end up being very important!


So when you’re looking for some summer wear and you want to embrace your inner pirate king, you can have a great collection of tank tops with designs of Luffy, or different protagonists and antagonists! Don’t forget to pick up a pair of shorts too, because it would be very silly to go sailing across the oceans in a pair of jeans. Think of how easily they can get wet and cause you to stay soaking.

Get a pair of One Piece themed shorts, as well as tank tops so that you can mix and match your different sets! The One Piece Anime tank top will fit you perfectly, and the One Piece Anime shorts will work perfectly with the summer season.

Fullmetal Alchemist Tank Tops & Shorts

Everyone needs a summer break, whether you’re a simple mechanic like Winry or a state alchemist like Ed. I’m sure that during the blistering summer, even Fuhrer Bradley wouldn’t say anything to state alchemists if he saw them running around in pairs of shorts with tank tops, because it’s just the perfect top for the summer.


That’s why when you’re looking for some summer wear, you shouldn’t shy away from these tank tops or shorts either! You can get crazy designs of Edward and Alphonse, or even Winry if you want to show off your favorite mechanic! Who wouldn’t want a pair of Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist 3d printed shorts?


It’s the perfect way for you to stay cool during the summer, whilst also looking cool in front of all your friends who love the same shows you do! The Fullmetal Alchemist tank top and short combos will never fail you, unlike Van Hohenheim.

Naruto Shorts

Let’s just be straight up about this. A true shinobi never wears jeans, nor do they ever wear trousers. That’s clearly true because throughout the entire series you see that Sasuke is always wearing shorts and Naruto’s always in trousers.


Just kidding, just kidding. But the fact remains that shorts are the superior shinobi garment. The reason for this is because they’re better at keeping you cool, whether that be because you’re engaged with the enemy or because it’s sunny out; and they also offer you great flexibility and mobility.

On top of that, shorts are also more stylish. You could have a pair of 3d printed Naruto shorts, but you wouldn’t be able to do the same with jeans. That’s because denim is hard to work with, whereas shorts can be made from all sorts of materials for all sorts of benefits!

Dragon Ball Z Shorts

If you want to become the most powerful fighter in the universe, then one thing is certain: you cannot compromise on your training. That’s why we all watch Dragon Ball Z anyways right? Somewhere deep down within us, we all want to be as strong as the Super Saiyans.


That’s why when it’s the summertime, you should put on some DBZ shorts! That way you can train for longer without getting overheated, especially if you’re in Namek where there are multiple suns. Speaking of Namek, I’m sure Goku could’ve saved that planet if he had shorts on. The trousers only compromised his fighting ability, and without them, he probably would’ve skipped the Saiyan stages and went straight to ultra instinct.

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