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Top 10 Anime Battles Of All Time

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Top 10 Anime Battles Of All Time

The world of Anime is known for its epic scenes - something that all anime lovers have grown to admire and love. It has been an integral part of the genre that ultimately gets you hooked up and most of these epic scenes have been part of some of the most intense battles from the battle world.

What is special about these battles that they’re intense, they’re bloody, they are simply out of this world. And most of the stuff can only happen in the anime world. We have seen some amazing encounters and as we count down our list for top ten anime battles, we come across some of the most iconic interactions from the anime world.

In order to compile our list of top ten anime battles, we have put together the most action-packed, thrilling and fan-pleasing battles from the anime world. So are you ready to be taken across the mesmerizing journey this list of top ten anime battles takes you through?

1: Goku vs. Vegeta  - “Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

For most anime fans, this was the very first of “Dragon Ball Z”’s epic battles and the series had quite a few of them, but since this was the first it holds a special place in our hearts. Eternal rivals Goku and Vegeta meet as enemies for the first time, resulting in a brawl that switches between beam struggles, blows that could crush mountains, and the oh-so-famous Giant Ape transformation. Admit it, you were screaming along to the Kamehameha, weren’t you? The epicness of this encounters earns it a place in the top ten anime battles list.

2: Naruto vs. Pain  - “Naruto: Shippuden” (2007-)

The next entry into the top ten anime battles list is a fight followers of Naruto were craving to see, and they weren’t disappointed. After going through some hellish training, our favorite blonde ninja took on the leader of the sinister Akatsuki organization, the man (or five men and one woman) who killed Naruto’s master and destroyed his village. This ninja showdown gives us plenty of ninjutsu, blood, and the same heart our protagonist is known for. Surely, one of those encounters that makes you really admire Naruto more and more.

3: Goku vs. Frieza  - “Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

No surprise here, this battle had to be in the top ten anime battles list because of the legendary Super Saiyan and the transforming alien tyrant atop a dying world is one that all anime fans know and love. With enough Kamehamehas, screams, and punches to keep you going for episodes on end, we’ll always remember the duel that destroyed a planet, yes and the entire planet. You really should have thrown in the towel, Frieza.

4: Edward Elric vs. Homunculi -“Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood” (2003-04, 2009-10)

This might be an entry into the top ten anime battles list that could be replaced by some other battle between the two. Still, we can’t deny that one of the greatest anime protagonists going up against the embodiments of sin is awesome. Whether it’s a grueling struggle against Greed, ripping Pride a new one, or the decisive battle against Father, the Fullmetal Alchemist takes no prisoners.

5: Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra - “Bleach” (2004-12)

This entry into the top ten anime battles list was a clash that had been brewing for a while. In order to save his friend, substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki crosses swords with a high-ranking member of the fearsome Espada. Over the series, these two duked it out multiple times, but the crème-de-la crème comes when they ascend to their highest forms, resulting in a Hollow bloodbath. The iconic battle earned its due fame because of the aura it created and exuded a murmur of appreciation throughout the anime world.

6: Gohan vs. Cell - “Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

This is the fight between the son of Goku and the ultimate android. When his father is unable to defeat Cell, Gohan steps up to the plate. While this may look like suicide, his inner rage and sudden transformation to Super Saiyan 2 helps him kick some android ass. Plus, with Goku’s death, and an episode-long beam-struggle thrown in, you’ve quite the battle on your hands. A battle that is surely going to be part of the top ten anime battles list.

7: Naruto vs. Sasuke - “Naruto” (2002-07)

If you had to make up for a layer of filler episodes then the creators of Naruto surely knew how to. The epic conclusion to the anime with two former teammates and rivals, these two Naruto and Sasuke end exchanging blows. The battle kicked off when Sasuke decided to abandon their village to gain power. The battle that changed everything for the series had to surely be a part of the top ten anime battles list

8: Spike vs. Vicious - “Cowboy Bebop” (1998-99)

Just like our entry into the top ten anime battles list, these two fighters are former friends that turn into better enemies - all thanks to betrayal and their love for a woman. The two end their long-drawn battle in an encounter without hesitance or concern for their own lives. The battle ends in spectacular fashion and for many anime fans, it was a fitting end.

9: Rock Lee vs. Gaara - “Naruto” (2002-07)

Becoming a ninja is not easy. In order to graduate you have to battle it out with your peers which more often than not could lead to some very gruesome backbreaking injuries. Making its way into the top ten anime battles list is the fight between hand to hand combat prodigy, Rock Lee going up against sand wielder Gaara. The battle between the two was an epic encounter - one that many Naruto fans enjoyed to the whole.

10: Monkey D. Luffy vs. Rob Lucci - “One Piece” (1999-)

Our last entry into the list of top ten anime battles list is from “One Piece” which is already known for having some of the most outrageous battles in all of anime. Our pick goes to the fight between Pirate Captain Luffy and CP9 Agent, Rob Lucci.

In order to save a member of his crew from being executed by the World Government, Luffy clashes in an all-out brawl which ends up being one of the iconic battle scenes from the series.

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