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Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Just like in real life, betrayals are a  hard thing to cope with. Similarly, in anime betrayals have a tendency to leave behind a similar feeling. And just like in real life, betrayals in the anime world are unforgivable.

Why is that so?

Betrayals tend to happen in a big way and when a person is relying on somebody, the betrayal is least expected and it impacts much more. Betrayals in the anime world have been known to bring out the worst in people and the results have been some pretty tragic character endings.

With all that being said, if a list of top 10 anime betrayals was to be made, fans can easily agree that if these betrayals did not happen, the stories of the series that we so dearly adore will not be around without them.

In context to anime, the top 10 anime betrayals would take the form of a hero turning into a villain or an innocent character revealing a dark side to them. Putting together that list, the craziest ever betrayals witnessed in the anime world are going to make the top 10 anime betrayals.

A fair warning that this list of top 10 anime betrayals hit us hard. But do please let us know if you feel some other incidents can be a part of the top 10 anime betrayal list.

1 - Bertolt and Reiner Reveal They Are Titans In Attack On Titan

We all know what Titans are right? Creatures that pose a huge threat to humanity. The story revolves around in the year 845 when these creatures made a hole in a wall that is meant to keep them away from mankind. The hole is created by two unique Titans, Colossus and Armored Titans.

The creation of this breach results in catastrophe with many people passing away, including Eren Yeager’s mother. After a few years, Eren is training to fight against these Titans and in this struggle, he becomes friends with Reiner and Bertolt who also hate the Titans.

However, during the battle to save humanity, Reiner reveals that he and Bertolt are the Titans responsible for creating the breach in the first place. This takes Eren in a fit of rage - something we had not seen before.

2 - Aizen Betrays Soul Society in Bleach

Making its way into the list of top 10 anime betrayals is Sosuke Aizen. At the start of the series, Aizen appeared as a mild-mannered and reserved individual who evolved and revealed his true sinister nature later in the series. The true personality started to come out when he took the position as captain of the Soul Society military. He was widely respected by the members of the society and academy students.

However, he threw away all of that loyalty by going bad. A few years down the road, Aizen returned to wage war against the soul society with an army of Arrancar at his back.

3 - Griffith Sacrifices The Band OF Hawk In Berserk

Berserk is an anime series in which Griffith is the leader of The Band OF Hawk, a group of mercenaries recruited by the king himself to fight important battles that tilt and shift the tide of the Hundred Year War.  But Griffith had an affair with the princess which results in his downfall as he is caught and imprisoned.

The remaining members of the Band Of Hawk come to his rescue only to find an empty shell. Griffith was no more, only a fragment shadow of his former self remained. During the escape, Griffith sacrifices his Band Of Hawk allies to become the  God Hand, Femto. Betrayal is so impacting that it had to be in the top 10 anime betrayal list.

4 - Walter Betraying Integra In Hellsing

Walter is an old man who seems to be living his last as he works as a butler to Integra Helsing. However, despite his appearance, Walter is strong enough to fight off vampires with relative ease. In the plot, the old man is captured by the Captain who puts him through a process that transforms him back to a younger, stronger and more advanced version of himself. Walter then returns and declares himself as a secret weapon, the Angel of Death. Wow, that turnaround surely had to make its way to the Top 10 anime betrayal list.

5 - Itachi Slaughters The Uchiha Clan In Naruto

In the series, Naruto, as a symbol of peace the village of Konoha was founded to keep the peace between the Senju and Uchiha clans. But as the series goes on and time passes by, the Uchiha Clan were feeling isolated and wanted to start a rebellion against the leadership which was inclined in favor of the Senju.

During all this Itachi who was playing as a double agent but originally a member of the Uchiha clan. He was given a choice to let the Uchiha Clan start a war that will end in the extinction of Senju or he could kill the clan to save himself and his brother.

As a betrayal that could easily be a higher end of top 10 anime betrayals, Itachi slaughters the entire Uchiha clan except for his brother and Tobi, a member who was not there at the time.

6 - Arashi Goes Away From The Dragon Of Heaven In X

Making its way to the list of top 10 anime betrayals is Arashi’s departure from the Dragons Of Heaven in the anime series X. The plot revolves around two groups, the Dragons Of Earth and the Dragons Of Heaven, who are meant to go up against each other in an epic battle which will determine the outcome of humanity.

Arashi is in love with Sorata - another member of the Dragons Of Heaven, who would do anything to protect her even if it means sacrificing himself. In order to prevent that, Arashi goes away to join the Dragons Of Earth but this action eventually results in Sorata’s death.

7 - Satsuki Betrays Ragyo in Kill La Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin is a respected figure in the anime series in Kill La Kill and her epic betrayal of her mother Ragyo gets her a spot in the list of top 10 anime betrayals. Ragyo always saw her daughter as a disappointment because of her failure to fuse with Life Fibers at a young age. Ragyo made an evil plan to sacrifice the entire city to the Life Fibres but her daughter betrays her and sides with her peers.

8 - Grell Kills Madam Red In Black Butler

Another entry into the top 10 anime betrayals list is the story of Grel who is nothing more than a butler for Angelina Dallas. But in reality, Dalles is Madam Red while Grell is the Grim Reaper and both of them are murderers behind Jack the Ripper attacks.

Their identities are uncovered by Ciel and Sebastian and an epic battle kicks off between them 4. However, during the battle, Angelina is not able to kill her son Ciel so Grell considers her useless and kills her too.

9 - Archer Comes Back to Kill Himself In Fate/Stay Night

In Fate/Stay Night, the betrayal from Archer to himself surely gets a place in the top 10 anime betrayals. Because he is an older Shirou Emiya from a parallel universe. He is a Counter Guardian, a force which is usually summoned to save the world from imminent danger.

Archer betrays himself by going back in time to kill a younger version of himself and thus altering the timeline for actually happening.

10 - Sailor Neptune and Uranus Betray Sailor Moon

Our last entry into the list of top 10 anime betrayals is the story  Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus who betrayed Sailor Moon but actually were being the good guys in the end. Makes sense?

These two sailors in question have a long history of taking any means necessary to defeat their opponents. So in an attempt to do that, they side with Sailor Galaxia to steal Star Seeds and defeat Sailor Moon.

What Sailor Moon was not aware of was that the two had always planned to flip on Galaxia and steal her Star Seed which was in benefit of the Sailor Scouts. These two always intended well but the left Sailor Moon out of the loop which resulted in a lot of heartbreak.

Alright, there you have it. The list of top 10 anime betrayals compiled from our end. If you feel any other special betrayals and heartbreaks should be a part of this list, please let us know by commenting below.

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