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Top 4 Powerpack Dragon Ball Z Characters

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Top 4  Powerpack Dragon Ball Z Characters

Top 4  Powerpack Dragon Ball Z Characters

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous anime series across the globe.  The most stunning thing about Dragon Ball Z is its characters that are built through fighting, instead of those boring scenes where people are bonding while traveling, sharing a meal, or just walking down the street. When we talk about fighting the first thing that clicks in our mind is power -  the powers that are needed to defend earth against evil forces In Dragon Ball Z there are numerous dangerous enemies which can threaten the Earth’s security hence,  Dragon Ball Z characters power levels must reach a new height.

our heroes also need to have equal power and strength.

So, it will be quite exciting to see who are the most powerful warriors in terms of  Dragon Ball Z characters power levels. Here are the top 4 powerpack Dragon Ball Z characters!

1 -  Whis - The Strongest Dragon Ball Z Character

We probably don’t know much about This except that Beerus’s look at him as a martial art mentor. If you talk about Whis true power extent I am sorry to that was never been fully revealed still, he is known as the most powerful Dragon Ball Z character.

Beerus mention that Goku was the second strongest warrior he has faced in the Battle of Gods, That symbolizes the strongest enemy he fought so far without any doubt is Whis.

Whiz Power:

  1. He Possesses extremely fast speed
  2. Own the ability to reverse the time

Although these are not What's full power still one thing is sure that What's powers have left behind all other  Dragon Ball Z characters power levels and became the strongest character!

2 - Beerus  - An Egyptian Cat Humanoid

A small little creature in size, but his power levels are really strong. He is the God of the destruction of universe seven, his main goal is to destroy all the planets that are threatening for the balance of the universe.

Power of Beerus:

  1. He can destroy any planet (Known as God of Destruction)

Sometimes it feels like if Beerus is a Villain but in reality, he is just one side of life and death God coin.

3 - Jiren The Grey

What Jiren, you must be shocked, where goes Goku? But one warrior has proven to be more powerful than Goku. Yes, Jiren the grey  - the universe eleven pride trooper. The thing that matters a lot for Jiren is Strength and he really worked hard to get it.

Jiren  Dragon Ball Z character power levels:

  1. He is terribly Strong - barely has to move his muscle to defeating an opponent.
  2. Unstoppable  psychic attacks
  3. His punches are so powerful that he can fit from afar

Frankly, Jiren truly sat out most of the Tournament of Power as to use his strength on the other warriors would have been a waste of his power. , Jiren is the strongest creature to exist in the world of Dragon Ball.

4 - Goku - The Dragon Ball Z Hero

Goku is the main protagonist throughout the Dragon Ball Z series and by far the strongest mortal hero in Dragon Ball Z. Probably the first living Saiyan to obtain multiple levels of Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods.

Son Goku is the heroic figure who doesn’t have a selfish desire for power, money, or control. His main goal is to learn the martial art so that he ultimately defend the Earth when the time comes.

Goku Powers:

  1. His Signature  Kamehameha move
  2. The Spirit Bomb
  3. The double-edge technique Kaioken
With such amazing powers Goku can fight one-on-one with almost all  Dragon Ball Z characters power levels.

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