December 13, 2018

A question that has often been asked in the fictional character world and still remains a top query among the fans is that if a crossover battle was to be conducted - a battle that will be watched for ages - a fight of two Gods in their own franchises, Goku vs Superman, who would win? 

If you have been a fan of superheroes and adore the anime franchises at the same time, this is a question that has often crossed our minds and we would like to know that if a battle was to take place, a fight of Goku vs Superman, who would win?

Just imagine the sight of seeing ultra instinct Goku vs Superman, the damage that would do or if the plot was to be flipped in favor of the Kryptonian. Just imagine if Superman unleased full power and on the other hand Goku powering up - a sight that tales would be written about for the next eternity. 

Can Goku beat Superman or if the Kryptonian, Superman unleased full power - who will win? Who will come out victorious if the two were to face off? If Goku vs Superman death battle was to take place - who will be the victor? 

This question may never be answered because a crossover like that is yet to exist. However, we at Just Otaku have gone ahead to compare the two characters and had our say on who wins this battle. 

Now Goku vs Superman: Death Battle may be a topic that is really close to many people. However, you cannot really take our say as the final world cuz who knows in the world full of such amazing characters. 





  • Is a better-trained fighter than Superman.
  • Is a more interesting character.
  • Has numerous forms
  • Energy can destroy a planet’s core (thus blowing up the planet)
  • Instant Transmission can help him keep up


    • Some of the higher feats Goku supporters believe he is capable of do not have any visual evidence to back them up.
    • Despite being an alien, is still bound by the limitations of a human in certain ways. 
    • Has no knowledge of and little access to Superman’s weaknesses
    • Has to use Dragonball GT.
    • Not the planet buster Kid Buu is (who engulf the planet with his power)
    • Most victories were due to plot shielding.
    • The more powerful attacks require a charge up time.
    • Spirit Bomb is useless (Superman is pure-hearted, thus able to reflect it. Not to mention the charge time to it is ridiculous.)
    • Many of the aforementioned forms Goku can attain require large reserves of energy to be maintained.




      • Confirmed Faster than Light feats.
      • Invulnerability has proven he can survive DBZ attacks (See Vegeta Vs Shadow) Is smarter than Goku
      • Depending on which incarnation, is physically as strong or stronger than Goku in Super Saiyan 4.
      • Super Breath and Laser vision can match if not surpass Goku’s Ki attacks.
      • Does not need to use large reserves of energy to stay powerful


      • While being a trained fighter, is not as well trained as Goku.
      • Tends to hold back (likely will be removed for the fight)
      • Is a boring character in terms of fighting.
      • Only weakness is Kryptonite



Superman channels his power from Sun and his only one weakness is kryptonite! Since it is one v one battle and no information about revival is given. Superman has upper hand and has the Chance to win! Even Though Goku has many transformations. Superman also has 3-4 transformation and they are Amazing! It may be a tough battle but Superman takes this one. 

In a Goku vs Superman Power level match - we believe that not even Goku with all his magical powers is a match for the Kryptonian God that lived among us. 




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