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What Is Weeb?

Posted by Angel Rondon on

What Is Weeb?

If you have been in and around anime forums and spent a reasonable amount of time understanding the various dynamics of the manga culture, you will have come across the two terms weabo vs otaku. A lot of the times you would see the two terms being used in a comparison to each other and a common question that you will most often see is weabo and otaku? What is the difference?

There is a lot of history associated with the two terms and to really understand and be able to answer weabo vs otaku, you will have to take a deep dive into the history of these two terms, and weeb life. Usually, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the origin of the two terms and the connotations involved with it. 

In its original form, the term otaku refers to a Japanese person who is obsessed with a particular thing to the point that they are unable to focus on anything else. It hinders with their social abilities. It means something more than life to them.


On the other hand, if you were to look at the origins of the other term in weabo vs otaku, you will find out that a weeb or a weabo refers to a non-japanese person who is obsessed with their culture. This obsession is much similar to the one people have with pop culture, of people living the weeb life.

You will come across the two terms weabo vs otaku being used for similar purposes in the western culture. However, if you are to go down to the roots, you will understand that the two ideas are of different contexts.

In order to understand the comparison of a weabo vs otaku, you will have to understand that these days the term otaku refers to someone who is a fan of manga or anime while a weabo is identified as someone who has an obsession with manga/anime and all cultures associated with it.

How To Tell The Difference: Weabo Vs Otaku?


  • Shows love for anime in moderation
  • Understands when people are not keen or interested in anime
  • Can joke or criticize anime
  • Will not be using the anime lingo on a regular basis


  • Will see anime as the best thing ever
  • Will imagine Japan as the holy land
  • All knowledge of Japan is extracted through anime
  • Will use Japanese words in conversation
  • Annoyingly obsessed with anime

However, to really understand the difference between Weabo vs Otaku, I think we will have to quote an example so it best explains the concept. An Otaku will love anime and everything associated with it. Like for example all people who are identified as Otaku enjoyed Avatar: The Last Airbender even though they knew that it was produced in the west.

On the other hand, a weabo or all weebs have disliked it because they feel that it’s a disrespect to Japanese culture and the western productions are incapable of producing anything good when it comes to anime. When a person starts living the weeb life these are the sorts of changes you begin to see in them.

Hopefully, this concludes our comparison of weabo vs otaku and helps you understand the difference between the two terms. If you know any other difference between the two, weabo vs otaku - feel free to highlight them in the comment section below.


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