January 11, 2019

The word best friend has a more symbolic meaning. It represents a bond that is special to so many and represents somebody very special in a person’s life. A best friend could be someone you do things with, you share your problems with, you know every detail about each other and have gone through the thick and thins of life together.

It’s a bond that has a special meaning and stands for a lot in terms of understanding and compatibility. A best friend could be someone from your childhood, the love of your life - it varies from person to person but the overall importance remains the same.

However, today we want to discuss who Luffy’s best friend is. We have heard a lot of stories and even seen things like the infamous Luffy Nami moments or the Luffy Nami love tales that we have heard so much about. Some tales even tell the story of Nami being the Luffy girlfriend he so longed for throughout the series. However, as we have seen in the various scenes that Luffy is the kind of person that goes to extreme lengths to help others, so it’s hard to say who his best friend really is.

Because of his personality, he is close to many other characters and that is why no one can really say who Luffy’s best friend really is? So today we are going to try and debunk this secret, so let the games of finding  Luffy Best Freind begin.

Out of all the characters we have seen with Luffy, the following are the closest to being considered as that one person who is Luffy’s best friend.


  • Usopp


In the series, we have seen Luffy and Usopp Chopper spending most of their time on a ship doing many things together. The two are seen fishing and doing other fun things together. One interesting fact about the bond that Luffy Usopp chopper share is that Luffy only calls him whenever there is something interesting to see.

Ussop was the only one Luffy called to the top of the tower to watch the view of Zou's ancient city but not others.  Luffy also knew Ussop’s father so that where the bond that shared by Luffy Usopp Chopper begins.

Among the many examples of the friends shared by Luffy Usopp Chopper, to share another, Usopp has always had Luffy’s back as he let his pride go to incite Luffy to get up in his fight against Lucci.


  • Zoro

From what we have seen in the entire series, Zoro and Luffy are what you would call the opposite of best friends. But as they nothing you see is actually the way it appears.

Zoro is the co-captain alongside Luffy and has always had his back through thick and thin. The way he stood between him and Bartolomeo Kuma in Thriller Bark shows the bond these two have and how loyal and devoted Zoro is to Luffy.

The two have had their moments and Zoro has been the kind friend to Luffy who is understanding, and always knows what to do even when it comes to knocking some sense into Luffy when he is about to take some stupid decision.

  • Shanks

Shanks and Luffy go back to their childhood and the moments the two have shared go back to their hometown where they used to talk about pirates, sing and do fun stuff together. Shanks also lost his arm trying to protect Luffy so you can say that the two have gone through a lot together.


But if you had to pick one, I would say Shanks is the best friend we are looking for.

However, this is not all. We have also heard tales of the Luffy Nami moments, the bond the two have shared. There have been many moments that lead to speculation that Nami is the Luffy girlfriend and these moments have been responsible for giving fame to the Luffy Nami love and what not.

What actually is, let’s leave it to the creators who are going to keep us guessing, keep us discussing because of these Luffy Nami moments and that is what they want after all.

If you have any idea who is Luffy Best friend? Or want to discuss the Luffy Nami Love and the various Luffy Nami Moments in the season? Feel free to comment down below.

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