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You Won’t Believe This: Anime Characters In Real Life

Posted by Angel Rondon on

You Won’t Believe This: Anime Characters In Real Life

5 Idols That Give Anime In Real Life A New Meaning: You Will Not Believe How Identical They Are

We have all been watching anime, it’s something we love - something that makes our day. As we go through our daily routines, watching Anime lets us escape from our realities and delve into a world of imagination where we often hide from all our problems.

Considering how much we adorn different anime series and all their characters, we are amazed to see people who are anime look-alikes in real life. Their resemblance is so canny that they often give new meaning to anime in real life a new name.  Such is their resemblance that you will probably believe that these characters are based on these people but they are not.

If you take a look some K-Pop idols you will come across many that will make you believe that this is anime in real life and they actually are a real live version of these anime and one can easily say that these anime look-alikes in real life are exactly same.

  • Luhan - Nagisa
  • You will not believe how similar these two look. From physical appearance to even the tiniest of face details, the similarities are unreal and even unbelievable at times.

    Minus the funny expression, the similarities are so many. From the freckles on the face to the skin details - it almost looks like that the two are brothers. Well if you ask me to set out in search for anime characters in real life, I would definitely take one of my picks here.

    • Former miss A’s Jia – Sakura (Naruto)

    Sakura’s character is often considered doll-like and one would think that searching for a similar person in real life that could qualify as an anime look-alike in real life, it would be hard. However, you are in for a surprise, take a look at Miss A’s, Jia in the picture below and then compare her to Sakura.

    Unreal similarities. In fact another perfect example of anime in real life.

    L’s character from the famous series Death Note has been sort of an idol for many. The mysteriousness, the aura, the secretive personality, has been the center of attention for many discussions in the forums of the internet world.

    However, if you had to look for L’s anime look-alike in real life then you will have to look no further than Jung Joonyoung.

    • SHINee’s Taemin – Rasiel (Reborn)

    Out of all the characters that we have discussed today, nothing will blow your mind like Rasiel and his similarities with Taemin. A perfect definition of anime in real life, is it not? The similarities are literally mind-blowing - even the hair is so identical.

    Rounding Up  

    The similarities in these characters are un-real if I had to look for anime characters in real life than I will have to look no further than these top 5 picks. There are other examples of anime in real life that we come across in our daily lives.

    Do you have some anime look-a-likes in real life examples for us? Do not hesitate to show them to us in the comment section.



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